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What Does Zoning Do?

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Zoning systems act as a HVAC application that uses dampers in ducts to circulate air to specific areas of the home. This allows for customized temperature zones throughout the home for advanced coziness and energy efficiency.

Zoned heating and cooling are quite similar to your traditional HVAC system. The biggest difference is that multi-zone systems have dampers inside the ducts that deliver air to specific areas of your home. Instead of setting one temperature for your entire house, zoning systems let you create custom temperature-controlled “zones,” so you don’t waste energy regulating other areas.

Zoning Saves Energy

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The general consensus is that a zoning system can save you about 30 percent on your energy bills, because it’s a more efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Be positive that your installer is appropriately qualified with zoning systems, because poorly installed dampers may heighten the static pressure in your home. That could potentially cause the components to work harder than before, thus driving up your energy consumption.

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