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Ductless Mini Split A/C Systems

Installing Mini Split A/C System

Ductless Mini Split Systems offer considerable advantages over traditional HVAC systems. For starters, the EPA projects switching to a ductless system can lower energy use by 20 to 30 percent each month.

While mini-splits cost more than centralized HVAC systems regarding cooling, it is important to remember that mini-split systems are “zoned” meaning you can manage rooms by who's occupying them rather than the entire house. This not only allows you to conserve energy but makes heating or cooling a room an easy and quick process.

Save Money With Mini Split Systems

Mini Split System Example

In addition, they cost about half of what it costs to install a central unit. Mini Split A/C Systems are minimally invasive, so you avoid the hassle of ductwork and tearing your house apart. Their small size ensures they never intrude on your home’s beauty or decor.

Clearly, there are distinct advantages to consider when contemplating switching to ductless mini split ac, whether to protect the structural integrity of your home, conserving energy or enjoying comfort where you need it. Mathison Air is here to help.

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