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Many of us spend 90-percent of our time indoors and the majority of that time is spent at work. There is a tendency to equate HVAC as a means to only regulate temperature, but a well-designed system does more than just pump cold and hot air into a home or building. It also filters pollutants and maintains a steady temperature to support healthy indoor air quality.

The air you inhale at home or work is filtered through an HVAC system, which delivers air from the outside. So your system is accumulating outdoor pollutants inside and if your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly or serviced regularly those unwanted contaminants can stay inside. There are indoor air quality solutions that will prevent unhealthy polluted air from invading your space and shield you from contaminants.

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The most efficient way to filter unhealthy air is through your home's forced-air heating or central air-conditioning system. Whole house filters are built directly into the ductwork, trapping each fleck and speck as air passes through. Such systems are constantly filtering all the air in your house while your fan is running. Besides the occassional changing of filters, this system runs itself.

Keep in mind, when you forego routine HVAC maintenance, pollutants can get trapped inside your system and fester. Air quality problems can multiply if neglected maintenance results in moisture problems which can lead to the growth of treacherous mold and mildew, sparking the spread of bacteria and viruses. Contact Mathison for an estimate on air quality maintenance.

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